Owned by Gary Williamson, Williamson James Homes is run by a dynamic family with a passion to make Salem a more beautiful place one home at a time. As a family owned business we know what matters, integrity, customer satisfaction and the art of going above and beyond to guarantee service and results. Williamson James Homes is a different kind of company in that we know the importance of what building a home means to families and what it takes to get there. As a dynamic husband and wife team, Gary & Patti provide a unique experience in that Gary provides exceptional home building services while Patti consults with the homeowners throughout the entire process to ensure each home is not only excellently built but impeccably designed.

Williamson James Homes is defined by ethical practice, innovative ideas, disciplined action and performance. We redesign, remodel and build homes in Salem, Portland and the Greater Willamette Valley areas by pioneering exceptional value to each individual client. We specialize in highly experienced design, functionality and efficiency. Driven by results and mindful of our legacy of excellence, we are committed to providing value in the homes we build and the families we serve.

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