Gary, Patti, and Brittney are a family team who cover every aspect of the home building process. All three are a pleasure to work with and do their best to make the experience as stress free as possible so the buyer can just enjoy the excitement of their dream taking shape. My husband Dennis and I recommend them highly!

– Shelley Whitaker

“We are delighted with the remodel of our kitchen and main floor. Gary and Patti met with us, listened to us, and delivered exactly what we wanted.”

-Shelly Jamieson

“I have a beautiful new kitchen thanks to Gary and Patti Williamson. They took charge of the project in a very positive professional manner. The entire process was worry free because I could depend upon Gary to follow through on each step of the process. They are a gifted team and have a core value of integrity. Patti stretched my creativity in a positive way and I love the results. I would not have come up with the same design on my own. Gary always went above and beyond what I expected and stood behind all of the work. Their talent and contacts more than pay for having them in charge-not to mention the peace of mind. They are a joy to work with, thank you Gary and Patti for a positive remodeling experience.”

-Pat Nicholson

“Gary Williamson supervised the building of my current residence, which I moved into in April of 2013. Gary’s attention to detail, and how detail can enhance and complement design was essential to how beautiful my house turned out. For example, my kitchen island was to be surrounded by beadboard. The builder purchased a beadboard that seemed to be fine with me, but Gary walked me through how a different type of beadboard would enhance the island, match with the flooring better, and give a stronger sense of quality and style in the kitchen. This sort of ‘education’ happened numerous times during the build and we were very happy with the results of our build. Gary’s depth of building knowledge continues to amaze me, but what amazes me more is the integrity with which he builds: never does a question go unanswered, never is a subcontractor blamed (always being accountable), never does a problem go un-fixed, never is an option unexplored. He is up front about costs, and he is as honest as the day is long. I would hire him for my next build tomorrow, if I was building.”

-Tim Lewis

“Gary Williamson built our new (enormous) garage and man cave. We’ve been so impressed by the quality of his work, his patience with our ever changing wants and needs, and his cool composure in the face of the inevitable challenges that arise when doing a big project. We’re going to work with him on our home remodel this year, and are looking forward to it. He’s a wonderful designer, has great ideas and makes good choices.”

“Further, we’ve rarely seen a contractor/building work harder. He gets in there with a shovel and boots and helps get things done. We’re impressed.”

-Liz Rogers

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